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MASter Craftsman / Artisans

MASter Craftsman / Artisans

Rhonda Inman

    I was born in 1961, grew up in Huntertown and went to Huntertown & Perry Elementary then Carroll High School. I've worked for Fort Wayne Newspapers for 34 years(+). My husband [fred] and I bought an old farm and some acreage just north of Huntertown with our 4 kids. We raised cattle , pigs, goats, a rabbit, cats and dogs. Then, in 2006 my husband bought a big old lathe and after he got used to using it, he put me on it. I turned a plate for an old smoke stand and made a plant stand instead. After that we bought an old scroll saw from a pawn shop. I practiced with it awhile, then I found a pattern for an Intarsia Rose. I've also made an eagle, mare & cold, and other portraits. Then, I started making Christmas Ornaments on my small lathe. I hollow them out to make them lighter & making a finial to go on both ends. I also enjoy making wood writing pens, deer antler pens with stand & jewelry. Now I'm back making Christmas Ornaments (compound) which is very difficult. Cutting them on the scroll saw is like watching a turtle take a walk...very, very, slow & careful. If you hurry you get bruised fingers. But, I really enjoy making them, they are very pretty and it helps me to relax.

    "Greatest Past Time Ever" I look at trees now and see beautiful items made out of them instead of firewood.

Thank you so much for appreciating the beauty of my wood items.

~ Rhonda Inman

Fred Inman

    I was born in 1955 and grew up in Huntertown. I went to Huntertown Elementary & Carroll High School. Helped farmers around the area bale hay. I worked for Phelps Dodge for 37 years & am still working for Rae Magnet Wire. My wife and I bought an old farm and some acreage just north of Huntertown with our 4 kids, raised cattle, pigs, goats, rabbits, cats and dogs. Then in 2006 I started watching wood turning videos and thought I would give it a try so I bought a big old lathe. I turned a few pieces and got used to how to hold the lathe tools. There is a lot to learn when working with a machine like that. Sometime when you start turning a bowl it ends up changing shape & turning into something else. My wife and I mad a wine cabinet together for our home. After I got comfortable with the lathe, I started to teach my wife how to turn. Then, I started to make "segmented bowls" to turn. Gluing them tight is one of the secrets to making them work, creativity is the other.

    I love turning segmented bowls, burls vases & big plates. "Greatest Past Time Ever". I look at trees now as beautiful wood bowls instead of wood for the fireplace.

Thank you so much for appreciating the beauty of my wood items.

I try to see the beauty that lays beyond the bark.

Farmer Turned Woodworker

~ Fred Inman

Scott Lepley

    Hello! I'm Scott Lepley, Chainsaw Artist. I make beautiful sculptures out of wood, free-standing or stumps from your own backyard. I've been carving now for 19 years. I made my first carving for my son when he was born. My beautiful wife, Grace and I have six children and six grandchildren. I started carving full time, ten years ago. It has been an exciting adventure and has allowed me to meet many new and interesting people along the way. I've created many unusual pieces using chainsaws only. No other tools. The customer chooses what they would like carved and the finish they would like on it. Along with carving, my wife and I enjoy camping, hiking and rescuing & training abandoned dogs.

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