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Rhonda Inman

    I was born in 1961, grew up in Huntertown and went to Huntertown & Perry Elementary then Carroll High School. I've worked for Fort Wayne Newspapers for 34 years(+). My husband [fred] and I bought an old farm and some acreage just north of Huntertown with our 4 kids. We raised cattle , pigs, goats, a rabbit, cats and dogs. Then, in 2006 my husband bought a big old lathe and after he got used to using it, he put me on it. I turned a plate for an old smoke stand and made a plant stand instead. After that we bought an old scroll saw from a pawn shop. I practiced with it awhile, then I found a pattern for an Intarsia Rose. I've also made an eagle, mare & cold, and other portraits. Then, I started making Christmas Ornaments on my small lathe. I hollow them out to make them lighter & making a finial to go on both ends. I also enjoy making wood writing pens, deer antler pens with stand & jewelry. Now I'm back making Christmas Ornaments (compound) which is very difficult. Cutting them on the scroll saw is like watching a turtle take a walk...very, very, slow & careful. If you hurry you get bruised fingers. But, I really enjoy making them, they are very pretty and it helps me to relax.

    "Greatest Past Time Ever" I look at trees now and see beautiful items made out of them instead of firewood.

Thank you so much for appreciating the beauty of my wood items.

~ Rhonda Inman

MASter Craftsman / Artisans

MASter Craftsman / Artisans

Fred Inman

    I was born in 1955 and grew up in Huntertown. I went to Huntertown Elementary & Carroll High School. Helped farmers around the area bale hay. I worked for Phelps Dodge for 37 years & am still working for Rae Magnet Wire. My wife and I bought an old farm and some acreage just north of Huntertown with our 4 kids, raised cattle, pigs, goats, rabbits, cats and dogs. Then in 2006 I started watching wood turning videos and thought I would give it a try so I bought a big old lathe. I turned a few pieces and got used to how to hold the lathe tools. There is a lot to learn when working with a machine like that. Sometime when you start turning a bowl it ends up changing shape & turning into something else. My wife and I mad a wine cabinet together for our home. After I got comfortable with the lathe, I started to teach my wife how to turn. Then, I started to make "segmented bowls" to turn. Gluing them tight is one of the secrets to making them work, creativity is the other.

    I love turning segmented bowls, burls vases & big plates. "Greatest Past Time Ever". I look at trees now as beautiful wood bowls instead of wood for the fireplace.

Thank you so much for appreciating the beauty of my wood items.

I try to see the beauty that lays beyond the bark.

Farmer Turned Woodworker

~ Fred Inman

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