Mackey's General Store

    Come check out our 1800's general store that has the region's largest selection of Amish jar goods, 19 different kinds of Amish deli meats, 20 different kinds of Amish cheeses, enjoy the best Amish sandwiches, wraps, or subs with our Amish meats and cheeses you will find anywhere, unbelievable Amish pizzas, jumbo wings, Amish salads, wild Alaskan Salmon sandwiches, Prime Rib, Steaks, Pork Chops, Lasagna, Gourmet Hamburgers and much more. Amish fried pies, Risen Roll Donuts, Old World Fudge, local honey, local maple syrup, molasses, sorghum, gluten free and sugar free items, local and one of kind handmade crafted items, Watkins line of products, Unker's multipurpose therapeutic salves, Amish groceries, dairy products, Nostalgic signs and much more.

    We have quilts and quilt racks, cookies cutters, amish baskets, nostalgic signs, sugar free and gluten free items. In addition to having the regions largest selection of amish jar goods, we also have the areas largest selection of amish deli meats, salads and cheeses. Gourmet amish sandwiches are served throughout the day and we have seating to accommodate up to 65 people!

Goodies and mOre!

We now have Rise 'N Roll Donuts, Amish Fried Pies and Jo Jo's Pretzels!

(260) 637-2372 or (260) 466-7741 • 11330 East  500 South  LaOtto, IN 46763

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